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For developers, here are the build instructions export from the old webserver:

Building Angstrom

All Angstrom binaries are built using OpenEmbedded. This document described the steps necessary to setup an environment where you can build images and packages yourself.

If you just want a simple toolchain, please read our simplified development setup instructions

The OE host distributions wiki has information about needed packages on your host and possible tweaks for e.g. SElinux.

Step 1

get the setup scripts:

Go to the the setup-scripts repository and clone it, the URLS are on top of that page. You should end up doing something like:

git clone

Step 2

If you are behind a firewalling proxy, have a look at the file, it has built-in proxy handling.

Start building:

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ config beagleboard MACHINE=beagleboard ./ update MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake virtual/kernel

That will build the kernel for you. Substitute "beagleboard;" with the machine you want to build for, e.g.:

Or get some inspiration from looking in conf/machine in the various layers in the sources directory
#Build some more # you can specify machine on the cmdline: MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake console-image MACHINE=your_machine ./ bitbake systemd-gnome-image

Step 3

Building for a different machine or C library is just a matter of changing the MACHINE= or TCLIBC statement in local.conf to a new value. There is ABSOLUTELY no need for using different directories for that; Angstrom takes care of all the details, it was specifically designed for this.

For a general introduction to setting up OpenEmbedded, see GettingStarted wiki page. If you run into trouble following the below tutorial, have a look at the GettingStarted wiki page, that contains information on all kinds of cornercases. The tutorial below is kept simple on purpose.